1080 SPRINT 2

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1080 SPRINT 2

  • $30,800.00

Ground-breaking training device used for horizontal resisted or assisted training and testing up to 180 m (197 yds) for e.g., sprinting, skiing, swimming, skating as well as Change-of-Direction movements. It allows for speeds up to 14 m/s (31 mph) and loads up to 70 kg (154 lbs.)

Self-contained and portable with a built-in touch screen, it is internet connected for data storage and analysis. With accessories, it functions as a cable machine for repetition-type exercises such as squats, lifts, rotations, pushes, and pulls for light strength training, rehab, and testing.


The 1080 Sprint 2 has a variety of great features which make it a superior training device over the original model.

Some of these features include the following:

  • Longer Cable Length: 150m (164 yards) of cable length, which allows athletes to run longer sprints with the 1080 Sprint 2.

  • More Resistance: This model offers up to 40kg (88lb) of resistance for high velocity movements and 70kg of isokinetic load for maximal force exercises.

  • High Velocity Training: The 1080 Sprint 2 allows athletes to perform overspeed sprinting up to 14m/s, or 31 miles per hour.

  • Eccentric Overload: Athletes seeking rehab or eccentric strength gains can use this device for up to 3x eccentric overload on various exercises.

  • Data Outputs: Keep track of your velocity, force, and power outputs when you sprint with the integrated data metrics.

  • Built-In Touch Screen: You will no longer need an external device to interact with the machine, as it has an easy to use, built-in touch screen to set up your workouts.

  • Compact Design: The new design is shaped like a cube, with an easy to use handle and an integrated plate mount so you can secure the device to the ground with an Olympic sized weight plate.

  • Rechargeable Battery: Now you can use the 1080 Sprint without needing an external source of power, as it comes with a rechargeable battery that is partially recharged as you use the device.