AIREX Balance Pad XL

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AIREX Balance Pad XL

  • $310.00

The AIREX Balance pad Elite XL is ideal to achieve maximum training effect with minimal effort. The pads are designed to train more efficiently. The balance pad stimulates your circulation, posture, body awareness, balance and your mind. The pad is also suitable for training your endurance.

The destabilizing properties of the AIREX Balance pad activates the control functions of the brain. In order to keep the body in balance, the receptors are activated in the feet, eyes and joints. With this the therapy and training goals are achieved much faster.

The secret of the Airex Balance pad lies in the special materials that are used in all Airex Balance products. The pads are designed to train barefoot and with the studded profile on both sides of the pad, it will prevent you from slipping when training. On entering the pad you will feel how your hands and feet gently sink into the pad. You will notice how pleasant the warm foam feels. It consists of millions of tiny air bubbles and this pad also adapts perfectly to your body.


Key Features:

  • Extended version.
  • Offers a multitude of exercises.
  • Good for Lateral exercises.

Product Specifications:- 

  • Size : 98 x 41 cm
  • Colour : Blue or Charcoal 
  • Weight : 1.54kg