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Wattbike milon 1080 MOTION GPEXE

The Level 1 Certification Training Course is available as a two-day, in-person course that is 80% hands-on and 20% lecture.

 We’ll take you through three phases of joint mobilization, strength training, and active stretching techniques. You’ll use the Mobility Sticks as a tool to learn the methods to improve range of motion, muscle activation, full-body strength, and body awareness.

You’ll learn the five scientific principles upon which our training system is built: Leverage, Stability, Feedback, Irradiation, Isometrics, and Coordination. We’ll show you how to integrate these aspects into one-on-one and group training sessions. After completion of this course you will be a Certified Stick Mobility Level 1 Coach.


  • 14-Hours of training by Stick Mobility Founder or Master Instructor.

  • Printed Coaching Manual.

  • Lifetime access to online training and coaching videos.

  • Invitation to join the private Stick Mobility Coaches Facebook Group.

  • Earn 1.3 CEU’s (13 CEC’s from PTA Global and 12 CEC’s from AFLCA).

  • Earn Certified Stick Mobility Coach status, including a printed official Certificate of Completion.

The Level 2 Certification Training Course is aimed at advancing and refining your skills and problem solving as a Stick Mobility practitioner by diving deeper into the principles established in Level 1.

This two-day course is taught by founders Dennis Dunphy and Neal Valera at our gym in Campbell, near San Jose, California.  (Also available in Hawthorne NJ)

In this course you will learn:

  • Advanced concepts of leverage and stability providing more progressions and regressions.

  • Feedback techniques that will give your clients the best opportunity to learn movements, feel muscle activation and acquire more body awareness.

  • Advanced Bow & Arrow techniques to teach multi-directional loading and to strengthen the outer and inner ranges of movement.

  • Dealing with torsion and building more sinew strength.

  • Learn different movement games to create fun, brain engaging, movement variability.

  • Programming and implementation of Stick Mobility.

  • Best practices for incorporating and enhancing various training modalities and equipment with the addition of Stick Mobility. (Barbells, kettlebells, bands, physio balls, etc.)

  • Isometric loading strategies.

  • Coaching development that will improve problem-solving, communication, and adaptability.

  • Advanced recovery strategies.

  • You’ll earn 1.3 CEUs from NASM, NCEP, and AFAA.

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ViPR PRO Live Workshop
Training fees @ SGD288
The ViPR PRO Fundamentals Live Workshop is an 8-hour live course where you will gain an opportunity
to practice implementing and coaching ViPR PRO with a ViPR PRO Master Coach and like-minded
colleagues. We will explore workouts designed to foster better mobility, strength, power and metabolic
conditioning while developing coaching skills to ensure proper exercise technique with regression and
progression strategies. You’ll leave a stronger coach that promotes resiliency and performance with your
Live Workshop Objectives

  • Hands-On Training with a ViPR PRO Master Coach
  • Identify proper technique with ViPR PRO Fundamental Exercises
  • Practice Coaching with ViPR PRO to create a safe and effective training environment for yourself or
  • clients
  • Identify when and how to properly regress or progress a ViPR PRO exercise
  • Discover ViPR PRO workouts designed for enhancing Mobility, Strength, Power and Metabolic
  • Conditioning
  • Gain insight on how we develop exercise programs using ViPR PRO.

Stick Mobility Level 1 Certification
Training Fees @ S$948.00 (Price include Manual and 3 Stick Bundle: 2 x 6 foot & 1 x 4 foot, worth

  • Certifications are two days of hands-on training to learn our methods to increase mobility, stability,
  • and full-body strength.
  • You’ll practice joint mobilizations, active stretching techniques, and strength training drills with
  • Mobility Sticks.
  • Learn efficient and powerful warm-up and recovery methods used by top trainers, professional
  • athletes, and medical practitioners.
  • You’ll acquire the knowledge to improve movement pattern quality to effect lasting positive changes
  • in mobility.
  • Attendees have various levels of Stick Mobility experience, fitness, and age. All are welcome.

Rumble Roller Foundations Course
Training fees @ SGD 288.00 (price include Manual)
Welcome to the RumbleRoller Foundations Course. At the end of this training you will have the essential
knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively demonstrate and teach self-myofascial release and mobility
exercises to your individual clients or in a group setting using the RumbleRoller, Gator and Beastie Ball.
The Learning Objectives for this course:

  • Describe the Methods and Modifications to effectively use RumbleRoller.
  • Summarize the mechanical and neurophysiological principles of self-myofascial release and mobility exercises.
  • Describe how to use a movement screen to prioritize exercises.
  • Demonstrate and teach self-myofascial release and mobility exercises to any level client using RumbleRoller, Gator and Beastie Ball.
  • Explain why RumbleRoller, Gator and Beastie Ball are effective and beneficial tools.