StickMobility Stick Bundles (Standard)

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StickMobility Stick Bundles (Standard) 6 foot + 6 foot + 4 foot Bundle

  • $360.00

The Training Sticks are flexible tools used to create leverage, stability, and body awareness to increase your range of motion and improve muscle activation. 

  • Our Training system improves flexibility, strength, and coordination. 
  • Combines joint mobilization, strength training, & active stretching. 
  • Training Sticks are waterproof, easy to clean, & made in the USA.
  • Sticks feature secure silicone grips
  • Boosts athletic performance, reduces injury risk, and speeds recovery.
  • Works the entire body efficiently.
  • Free Shipping For Bundles On USA Orders

Our training system is based on the use of three sticks. There are specific exercises for two long Training Sticks, a single long Training Stick, and a single short Training Stick that allow you to work the entire body efficiently to help boost athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, and speed recovery.



The short stick is used for ground-based and kneeling exercises, including upper body and hip articulations and stretches, plus some rotational drills and lower body stretches e.g. Dead Bugs, Kayaking, Shin Box 90/90s, and the Frog Straddle. Short sticks are used when a shorter lever is required, and when drills involve holding both end-grips at once.


Two long sticks are used to work both sides of the body at once and create force in different directions. These drills involve hanging, twisting, pushing, and pulling in opposing directions to challenge your bilateral coordination, help strengthen and balance the body’s kinetic chain.


There are two bundle options available to fit different heights:

  • If you are under 5’10″ (178cm) tall get the 6ft + 6ft + 4ft Stick Bundle.
  • If you are 5’10″ (178cm) and taller get the 7ft + 7ft + 5ft Stick Bundle.

Looking for some exercise ideas? Go to the Stick Mobility YouTube channel