StickMobility Stick Individual (Pro)

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Stick Mobility Stick Individual (Pro)

  • $180.00

If you weigh over 250 lbs, are exceptionally strong, and are looking to emphasize the strength training aspect of the Stick Mobility system, we recommend considering the Heavy Duty Training Sticks. They offer a much stiffer flex and are 25% thicker than the standard models. 

The sticks are designed for professional daily use in gyms, medical facilities, and sports fields. They are waterproof, easy to clean, and made in the USA. Each stick features two silicone rubber grips created for a secure hold in-hand and on-floor. 

There are specific exercises for two long sticks, single long, and short stick drills that allow you to work the entire body efficiently to help boost athletic performance, reduce risk of injury, and speed recovery. We recommend purchasing a bundle of three sticks to utilize the full range of exercises in the training system. 


Pro Model Version Mobility is for everyone, not just the small petite population. Our Pro Model stick is meant for people who are very strong and/or over 15 1/2 stone +. The Pro Model, at 1.5 inches in diameter, is ½ an inch thicker than the standard version.

Our clients with larger hands will appreciate the larger grip diameter. It takes much more force to flex this stick. This will give our larger clients more security when doing such moves as the “monkey hang”, which may put a large amount of flex on the stick.

Stronger clients will also enjoy the benefits of the Pro Model when doing the “human bow and arrow”, which requires force to push the stick away from your center line. The Pro Model is the latest tool in our Stick Mobility arsenal aimed at helping you move better.

Features -

  • Waterproof.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Silicone Rubber Grips.
  • Improves Your Flexibility, Strength & Coordination.

Info & Care -
If you’d like to purchase just one or two sticks to start, get the 6-foot sticks if you are under 5’10″ tall, and the 7-foot sticks if you are 5’10” and taller.