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Wattbike Egym

Since the launch of the now iconic Wattbike Pro/Trainer in 2008, Wattbike has been at the forefront of indoor cycling technology. Developed in partnership with British Cycling, the Wattbike has now been embraced by elite athletes and teams across the globe. Wattbike is the choice of champions.

An obsession to improve performance has led Wattbike to invent numerous new technologies to ensure Wattbike is the most accurate and realistic indoor bike brand ever created. Now adopted by premier health and fitness providers, personal trainers, and cycling studios, Wattbike is the only indoor bike to offer elite level training to the masses.

In 2019, Wattbike redefined indoor cycling with advancements in both equipment and software with the launch of two new products; the AtomX and Icon. Now, Wattbike has a product offering for every person, and every end goal.

Wattbike was born from a belief in training differently. We believe in disrupting the health and fitness industry, and challenging the way elite athletes train. We pioneered data driven training, and continually innovate to create the latest technology and advancements in sport science in all of our products and training content. 

We saw a need for an accurate, reliable and affordable indoor training tool that would help measure, benchmark and improve performance in a simple and effective way. In 2008, after eight years of research and development, we launched the Wattbike Pro/Trainer in partnership with British Cycling. It’s been quite the journey since then. 

It quickly became clear that an accurate, accessible and versatile indoor trainer was needed in the health and fitness industry. Health Clubs such as David Lloyd and Virgin Active first installed Wattbikes in their facilities in 2012, making elite equipment available to the public for the first time ever. 

Following these early adopters, Wattbikes can today be found in health and fitness chains, elite sports teams, hospitality, medical facilities, schools and universities as well as the military and other uniformed services across the globe. 

Businesses who empower their customers to become Wattbikers see increased member retention rates, increased numbers of new members, and doubled occupancy rates for group cycling classes.