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1080 Motion

We Improve Human Performance

1080 Motion is the technology leader in solutions for neuromuscular testing and training in sports and rehabilitation.  We are committed to create user friendly applications with a solid footing in science.

Working with us means joining a growing  group of practitioners and researchers who take pride in pushing the boundaries in performance training and rehabilitation.

Short History

Our early work began in 2005 when coach Rolf Öhman and entrepreneur Ole Olsen, later joined by physics engineer Christoffer Bergkvist, began developing a novel idea. The goal was to create a device built on robotics technology that would outperform existing training equipment. This pioneering work eventually resulted in the launch of 1080 Quantum. Our research and collaboration with early customers  motivated us to meet the increasing demand for objective measurements and easy-to-use methods for testing. In 2013 we joined forces with movement specialists Athletic 1080 and the development of 1080 MAP. The new company was named 1080 Motion to represent our strong foundation in the science of movement (360 degree movement x three planes=1080).  Building on the 1080 Quantum technology, 1080 Sprint was introduced in 2014.

Software Development

The intelligence in our solutions resides in the software and algorithms designed to train, test and analyze physical factors of performance. We continuously incorporate new features based on requirements from our customers. Our development efforts are always focused on bringing professional users the best and most efficient ways of working with athletes and patients.


Our products are manufactured in Sweden using state of the art production methods. The chassis are made of high quality steel and aluminum with industrial grade finishing. To complete the process, the chassis and electrical components are assembled and tested to meet our high quality standards and in compliance with international safety regulations.  We make hardware built to last and software made to continuously evolve!

1080 Motion