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Oartec DX

Your ultimate indoor rowing experience.

The Oartec DX has a very smooth and fluid dynamic rowing action that is more enjoyable to row and has the closest feeling to rowing on the water.

A major benefit of the DX’s dynamic rowing action is that it significantly reduces the potentially harmful loads on your lower back, ribs and joints that you experience when rowing on a stationary rowing machine.

Excellent design and build quality

The DX is built to last you a lifetime while being easy to use and easy to maintain. 

The DX incorporates the latest rowing machine technology with sophisticated calibration algorithms that ensures your scores are reliable and comparable from machine to machine.

Ideal for any training environment

In the home, in the gym or in the boathouse, the DX is a premium quality rowing machine that is used to achieve multiple fitness objectives from competitive rowing training to general fitness for health and wellbeing.

That is why rowing on the DX has become the best way to row indoors.

Oartec DX