Certified IKKF Kettlebell Trainer Level 2

The CKT Level 2 certification builds on the principles taught in level 1 – proper mechanics/alignment, proper breathing and proper groove (k-bell trajectory and position).  Utilizing this information as a base, the CKT Level 2 certification focuses on double k-bell work with an emphasis on enhanced power, athleticism, explosiveness, strength and a whole new level of work capacity. As with the Level 1 course, the high level focus will be on both the “technical” and “coaching” aspects of each lift.

Exercises covered:


The IKFF prides itself on producing coaches that are the gold standard in the industry. Thus, our criteria for passing is strict.  Attending/participating alone is not enough to obtain CKT status. You must meet the designated criteria connected to the technical and coaching components of the course. All CKT Level 2 candidates must pass a stringent assessment in order to successful complete the requirements and achieve the Level 2 CKT distinction. The assessment is to be the performance of all level 2 techniques. Form is checked to assure effective understanding and performance of the movements. In the case that a candidate is unable to successfully demonstrate competence in one of more of the Level 2 techniques, the student will receive a Certificate of Participation and will need to subsequently demonstrate correction of the techniques. There are numerous avenues in order to accomplish this, including attending a review Level 2 course, testing in person with an IKFF regional representative or by providing video evidence of the corrected techniques. In addition to the assessment, all Level 2 CKT candidates must perform a Fitness Test during the Level 2 course, which consists of: Men:


**Note that the person has an option of which weight to use; this allows for individual differences in size, age, BW, etc; someone who is relatively strong but not good at endurance may wish to opt for heavier KB/less reps; someone who is not very strong but is fit may opt for lighter KB/more reps, etc**