Dynamax Coach Certification


Dynamax Medicine Ball continuing education courses will introduce you to high-velocity medicine ball training for individuals, groups, and athletes. Discover how the Dynamax Medicine Ball is used to train the ten general physical skills and learn revolutionary programming that focuses on movement integration and the summation of force.

Why Dynamax Education?

Learn the fundamentals of Dynamax Medicine Ball training and bring the techniques and programs used by professional coaches and athletes to your clients. We developed our CEU approved courses (NASM/ACE/NSCA) through 25 years of practical application by NCAA and professional sports franchises.

Dynamax Coach Course

5 hour course – .5/5 CEC Approved: ACE, NASM, NSCA, ACSM
You will learn:
The history and benefits of Dynamax Medicine Ball training
30 different exercises that range from general fitness to more sport specific
5 different programming formats to improve athletic performance
How to integrate Dynamax Medicine Ball exercises to target and develop the ten general physical skills
Unique programming options with cueing and coaching techniques to develop controlled speed and power
Heavy ball application
Locomotion exercises that focus on footwork, finesse, and finish
How to assess sport specific movement patterns to apply the appropriate medicine ball exercises