Sandbell Certification



The Hyperwear Level 1 SandBell Certification Workshop is a one-day interactive course designed to deliver science backed training techniques with the most functional and dynamic product in the industry. Trainers will take away product and skills that will recharge their coaching models and transform their clientele′s workout experience. Our weighted sandbag training regimen fits just about every class, and we think it's perfect for your clientele.

An effective SandBell coaching model is built with an understanding of coaching cues, Three-Dimensional challenges, movement variation, total body communication and rhythm and timing. Learn how wellness, performance, corrective and play exercises with the SandBell will advance your exercise archive, challenge the mind and body, and obtain both client satisfaction and results.

The Level 1 SandBell Training Workshop lay the foundation for trainers to build a strong and successful SandBell practice, while enhancing outcomes for both client and trainer. Interactive instruction teaches participants how to enhance the brain through play and challenge, and also improve the body in efficient movement with the SandBell.

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