WattBike Certification

As a company we pride ourselves on not just delivering a great product but also passing on our wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to getting the most out of training on a Wattbike. With this in mind we invited a dozen people to the Wattbike Lab recently for a Master Trainer course - they were trained by our resident Sport Scientist, Eddie Fletcher, on how to deliver a safe, effective and enjoyable workout on the Wattbike.

With delegates from the United States, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands, the course had a truly international feel. Day one covered all of the basics in detail, from bike fit and testing through to applying the principles of training with power and heart rate to sessions for both the sports and fitness markets.

Day two saw the delegates lead the practical sessions and with each of them choosing to showcase a different aspect of how to use the Wattbike there was no doubt that they were ready to be called Wattbike Master Trainers and were able to confidently and competently teach instructors in their own country.

If you're interested in learning more about training on the Wattbike, becoming a Wattbike certified trainer or a Master Trainer please contact us via training@wattbike.com.