Real Ryder Indoor cycling Certication Group Training

This Is How We Ride!Un-stationary bike

After twenty years of consistent stationary cycle design, the introduction of the RealRyder® Indoor Cycle has changed indoor bike technology forever. This ride encourages, teaches and rewards good form and proper pedal stroke, while riders experience the actions and benefits of leaning, turning, balancing and full-body coordination. The RealRyder bike captures some of the functional characteristics of "real road riding" and all of the FUN!

The RealRyder Indoor Cycle Certified Instructor Training Program builds on the history of indoor cycling, using a teaching system that eliminates guess work, so that planning intelligent and creative workouts is easy. Join a pack of enthusiastic RealRyder ambassadors and become part of a new era of indoor cycling today!

Course Description

This comprehensive indoor cycle training certification is perfect for the new, or veteran indoor cycling instructor. You will learn how to teach, market and grow your indoor cycling program using a fresh approach, as you learn to coach through a whole new range of dynamic movements on the world's first functional stationary bike. Join us for an engaging training that covers the A-Z of indoor riding, including updates on current and relevant research. Plus, you'll experience our "Ryde-Ready" prep and two master class rides. You'll learn how to effectively ride and teach on the RealRyder Indoor Cycle. Previous teaching experience is not required to take this course. A basic certification in group exercise, personal training or indoor cycling is recommended.