Vidal Coscolin Gomez

Vidal was Born in Barcelona (Spain).


Moved to Jakarta (Indonesia) in 2005 and now this is his 4th year living in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).


Work as a Group Fitness Development Manager for Celebrity Fitness in Malaysia and imparting classes such as, Dance, Functional Training and Les Mills.


Master Trainer for Weck Method in Asia, imparting courses of Rotational Movement Training- RMT Club, the newest creation of the inventor of BOSU David Weck.


Work also as a Master Trainer under ECOlifestyle providing courses of Peter Twist Methodologies , ViPR PT & 3D, Bosu PT Certification and Dynamax Coach.


Vidal is consider himself very fortunate to be working in Fitness for over 20 years, what he considers more as a passion then a work. One of his major passions is Dance, mastering few types like Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Sexy Dance, Dance-Aerobic.

He had many accomplishments during all this years, but he clamed that the most valuable one is have contact with thousands of people over the world and share with them that passion for Fitness.


This year he is excited and thrill to be leading a Dance Session in GOIFEX 2015 named Dance Lovers. Come and enjoy with him his moves.