The Bike Studio

The Bike Studio – Lutterworth

When Kevin Webb and Russ Haines wanted to set up an indoor cycling studio they needed to differentiate themselves from the offerings of local leisure centres and health clubs. They turned to Wattbike to help thembuild a first-class indoor cycling facility that would be used by fitness enthusiasts, keen cyclists and triathletes.

To engage with their target market, The Bike Studio sought to provide a credible and realistic indoor cycling experience to satisfy the demands of an increasingly knowledgeable audience. The Wattbike’s fullycustomisable setup, feel of riding a real bike and unrivalled level of performance feedback proved to be the definitive solution.

The Bike Studio offers a range of activities which ensure repeat visits from members, including structured 90 minute classes, 1-2-1 personalised training, fitness testing and Wattbike racing. Instructors are Wattbike accredited following comprehensive training instruction from Wattbike Sport Scientist, Eddie Fletcher,delivering structured training programs to both groups and individuals.

"All of our classes are very structured and we interact with each class member to ensure every workout meets their individual needs.
We attract fitness enthusiasts and keen cyclists and triathletes who wish to further develop their cycle-specific skills. The Wattbike is a
fantastic resource for this, particularly with the pedal technique analysis. The training done at The Bike Studio transfers to cycling out on the
road so our customers are very happy."

Kevin Webb
Co-Owner, The Bike Studio