If you are interested to learn how to use, teach or coach with our products, enroll in the processional education programs available. You will receive the most educational and inspirational fitness education from top Asian and International presenters.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a certified instructor.
• Fitness clubs/clients are always looking for certified instructors.
• On-going education will enable you to learn new skills to pack your classes.
• Greater career opportunities such as advance instructor certifications, presenter/trainer opportunities, and even video presentation.
• A range of career options if you choose to look beyond core teaching in the future

Introducing Loaded Movement Training
Certified ViPR Instructor
SGD 280.00
Certified IKKF Kettlebell Teacher Level 1
SGD 280.00
 Certified IKKF Kettlebell Trainer Level 2
SGD 280.00
Dynamax Coach Certification
SGD $250.00
IOM Level 1 Mentorship
SGD $1760.00
IOM Level 2 Mentorship
SGD $1630.00
Rumble Roller Certification
SGD $250.00
Real Ryder Indoor cycling Certication Group Training
SGD $300.00
RMT Club Certification
SGD $280.00
Sandbell Certification
SGD $250.00
WattBike Certification
SGD $300.00
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