1080 Cable

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Wattbike VERTIMAX milon 1080 MOTION GPEXE

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1080 Cable

  • $30,800.00

Swedish 1080 Motion delivers training machines to professional leagues, Olympic training facilities, national performance centers, rehabilitation clinics, research institutions, and military training facilities – more than 600 worldwide. The new machines target a broader audience. They are smaller, lighter, portable, and priced lower than the current product line, 1080 Sprint and 1080 Quantum.


Supports heavy strength exercises up to 180 kg (397 lbs.) with speeds up to 5 m/s (8.9 mph) and line length up to 5 m (16 ft). Compared to traditional cable machines, the 1080 Cable features real-time feedback of performance metrics – speed, power, or force – on a built-in touch screen.

Choose high-speed or isokinetic training, or select up to 3x eccentric overload. Mounted on a wall or standard weight rack, it is space efficient, and accessories enable lifting, squats, and cardio exercises such as rowing and ski-ergo.